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Online Workshop for Creating Ecological, Economical, Resilient, and Socially Just Household Food Systems

Gatewood HousePermaculture is the art and science of designing human habitations and systems that care for the earth, care for people, and incorporate voluntary limits and boundaries so that there is justice in the distribution of the surplus.  Bob Waldrop, president of Oklahoma Food Coop & founder of the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House community in Gatewood Historic Neighborhood, is facilitating an 8-week online workshop on Kitchen Permaculture beginning this weekend, Feb 28.

Each week of the workshop has topics for discussion in five categories: Design Issues, Foods, Food Preparation, Food Techniques, and Food Sources. The student will write a design document describing their present household food system, the goals of their household regarding its food systems, the specific steps they will accomplish to get from “here” to “there”, and how they will stage their work.  Since permaculture is a holistic design system, we also consider how the household’s food systems fit into the rest of the household’s activities.  The workshop is not a typical academic class, but rather an experiential/existential learning community incorporating an ortho-praxis (“right-action”) of observation, evaluation, design, staging, and implementation. It incorporates art, beauty, wisdom, intuition, science, and rationality.

Follow this link for a .pdf of reading topics.  Documents and Readings

To signup, go to the Facebook page at Online Kitchen Permaculture Workshop Signup