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RSVP TODAY for First Time Home Buyer Seminar

Tired of throwing money away every month on rent?  There are many great reasons to buy instead of rent.  I am teaming up with my good friend Paul Baird at Financial Concepts Mortgage to talk about what goes into buying a house.  You may think you don’t qualify or don’t have the funds right now or don’t even know where to start the process.  We will be there to provide you with tons of information and answer your questions.  If those reasons aren’t enough, we have asked our buddy Chef Ryan Parrott (Iguana Grill) to put together some appetizers for this event.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 6, at 7pm

WHERE: Convergence (1755 NW 16th in the Plaza District).

WHO: The seminar is open to anyone curious about the homebuying process.

COST: Nothing.  This is a FREE event.

RESERVE MY SPOT: Please RSVP to Gary by April 4 by phone (405.694.8562) or email (garycaplinger@kw.com).

TAX CREDIT EXPIRES SOON: In order to receive the FREE $8,000 credit for buying your first home, you must have a purchase contract in place by APRIL 30 and have closed on the property by JUNE 30.  So, don’t waste time and miss out on this opportunity.  Most experts are not expecting the credit to be extended again!

SELLERS: If you are already a homeowner but have been contemplating SELLING your home, NOW is the time to get it listed.  Homebuyers (first-time and existing) are very motivated to get a contract in place before the end of April.  Call me!